A new car is born, Kivi Back Tour, branded and certified by Kivi, converted in order to enable people to access from wheelchair.
Kivi Srl
Kivi Back Tour is a car of big dimensions to carry people using wheelchairs, suitable for the whole family to travel
in a complete autonomy, without any limit and totally comfortable.
Kivi Back Tour is a spacious car, modern, versatile, with an original design, flexible and neat interiors, and stylish and expressive exteriors.

Besides a person in a wheelchair, it can comfortably carry up to five people sit in the original seats.

Kivi Back Tour is a new arrival in Kivi, a leading Company in the mobility field for people with motor skills disorders.
Kivi gives the opportunity to carry wheelchair passengers on cars with a lowered floor,
in order to allow passengers to keep sitting in their own wheelchairs.